My Top 5 Superheros


Today I will talk to you about my top 5 superhero’s.

# 5 Ant-Man

He could become either huge , tiny or normal with these things called pin particles which are small circular objects that are yellow or orange , yellow makes  you small and orange makes you big. Ant-Man is also super strong.

# 4 Batman

He is dressed in black with a cape , he lives in his mansion but he has a bat cave to work in he has a batarang explosive ones , normal ones , grappling hook ones , he fights with weaknesses and  is very sneaky.


# 3 Hulk

He is a genius scientist that got caught in a huge gama radiation explosion and instead of dying he absorbed the gama rays and turned into a gama filled beast called The HULK , when hulk is in hulk mode he is invincible super strong and he is the big banghe can make people forget things.

# 2 Thor Odinson

He is the god of thunder and lightning. He has a brother called Loki, He is not really his brother because he is the son of a frost giant but in any case he is the god of trickery  o.k. back to Thor. He has a hammer that he could shoot lightning out of it, thanks to his hammer he could fly he is able to call his hammer so that it comes to him.

# 1   Superman

I like superman because he has invincibility, he has super strength, he can fly, he can shoot lasers from his eyes






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