The Tough Iife Of Maniac Magee

09063x_f450Since I last talked to you guys about this book a lot has changed. So now Jeffrey Magee has left the house where he has been accepted in. Because everyone says that he is white so they want him to go back to where the white people live so then he ran off to live in a zoo he lived with buffalo’s. Until a park worker found him and brought him home he got him to shower and went shopping for new clothes so every day they go to the park and Jeffrey helps him work because Jeffrey does not want to go to school because he says “ you go to school and it feels like home yet you can not stay there during the night so it is not home and you can not use it as an address because an address is somewhere you stay at night and walk right in the front door without knocking or ringing the doorbell where everyone talks to each other and uses the same toaster. Every night Jeffrey asked grayson the park worker until finaly he did he said how he was in the  baseball league and thats where i stopped.   Continue reading

Maniac Magee


I am reading this book about a kid called Jeffrey Magee AKA Maniac Magee in this story the kid lost his mom dad so he became homeless so one day he was in the black people teritory when he found this girl and he became with her. So once he went to her house play when her dad drove him home the dad noticed that the kid had no house so he turned around when they arrived the mom said you will stay with us at first everyone made fun of him but then they noticed that he was a very nice kid who is very talented.

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