I Put My Widgets

Hi today I put in 2 widgets one of them is a world wide clock so you could find out what the time is in all the other country’s in the world and the other one is a map so that I could find out who is visiting my blog and from which countries.

Where Would I Take You

Montreal_La_Ronde_from_Cartier_bridge[1]Where would I take you?

First I would take you to a place called sos labyrinth it is this really cool place in the old port  In this Labyrinth you walk around through a maze which is very big and confusing you must find little Machines that are hidden throughout the Labyrinth  you have a paper and you must scan the paper inside the machine Once you’ve scanned your paper and every single machine you must find the exit and make Your way out of the building. Continue reading

My Invention The Cooler Wave

I have an idea of something that I could make I call it the wait for it the Cooler Wave. This will be a great invention what it would is sort of like a microwave the concept of a microwave is basicly you put food in it but it does not heat up with heat yet with micro waves these waves flow from these pannels made of meddle wich create these waves then the waves go in your food and heat it up but only food heats up in a microwave. But enough about microwaves onto the cooler wave. Continue reading

Shout-Out To Joey’s Blog | Challenge 2

pink_smiley_faces-t2-1umwdysJoey did something really cool he described himself with a lego man. His site really reflects who he is or at least what I know that he told us about. He is sort of like me in the way that he have a huge family my family has 10 people. That is just parents and siblings don’t let me get started with everyone else. That is not all I love Basketball just like him, and in my family we all love each other.

He also is reading Maniac Magee just like me it is really good but I do not want to give any spoilers so I won’t talk about that anymore. I really like that he has a lot of free write he must really like doing that. I strongly encourage him to keep making them and I will keep reading. I hope you read this joey.

Here is a link to his site:


image sorce/joeys blog

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