Captain Underpants

I like reading books with pictures but still with a lot of writing because it brings the book to life with the description and the pictures. Currently i am reading i am reading a series of books called captain underpants. It is about a principal at a school who got hypnotized so every time someone snaps their fingers he turns into Captain Underpants who is a super hero. I read book number 1, number 2,  number 3. And currently i am reading number 4 it is about a scientist who has a weird name his name is professor pippy p. poopypants and he got laugh at so much that he went crazy and wants to take over the world. So in conclusion i really like number 4 because it is really funny.

My Blog And How To Improve


The name of my theme is book lite I chose this one because you can change the banner and the color so you could have your own little unique blog. I have a bottom colom so my column is only at the bottom which I prefer because it doesn’t take attention away from the blog post. I changed my theme because my other theme was black and the writing was also black.

Looking Back

If I had to choose my best post i would have to say it was my dream tree house because there is a lot of description and it is something I would really want to do. I think my writing has gotten better because we are writing a whole lot and it is improving are writing.

Looking Forward

Well my writing goals are to get an 85 % or more because i want to make it in the sports excellence program at heritage.i think i can improve in vocabulary and words i choose to put in my text. I would like you to help me find alternatives to certain words. Continue reading

Prehistoric Life Part Two

Dinosauria_montage_2[2]I would see  the personalities of the dinosaurs how they react with other with other dinosaurs if they’re friendly , rough or if they come off as super tough but actually are sweet loving creatures. If baby’s could walk or fly or if they’re mom cars them around if baby carnivores eat whole chunks of meat or little pieces of meat . I would see what dinosaur is at the top of the food chain. How big of a prey a velociraptor could eat on its own and in a pack. Or how vegetarian dinosaurs run away or defend themselves. Or how certain herbivores climb trees if some dinosaurs breath on land and water and I would see how they really went extinct.

Drunk Lorikeets Of Darwin

Trichoglossus_rubritorquis_qtl1[1]The red collared lorikeets in Darwin it’s  as if they are drunk every year during monsoon season, between November and May. They are spotted falling off trees while trying to hop in between branches and totally passed out on the ground until someone rescues them or they get eaten by a predator.

Experts are keeping an eye out on the lorikeets food. I personally think that they should test to see what is going on with them. Luckily when the birds go in the hospital they get cured with porridge and fresh fruit. In a couple of “weeks they’re taking off into the wild. Scientists believe  that this needs to be solved as soon as possible before they are extinct.

What Are Fears?

800px-Liquorice4[1]Do you have fears that bug you ? Are you annoyed about them ? Well today you are going to find out if not having fears is good or bad. well I will tell you here and now. It is bad really bad! Some people might think otherwise but I am telling you to trust me on this one. It is bad!

I think people have fears to protect themselves. Cause say they are scared of wolfs it is to protect themselves so they don’t get hurt cause your fear is like an instinct it tells you don’t do that it is dangerous. so if you ever thought it would be cool not to have fears you are wrongs so wrong. It is dangerous you could get injured or worse so to conclude this text having fears may not be pleasant but it is a huge asset in life and will help you a lot in life. Continue reading

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