The Bobby Wobby

(332-365)_Majam_(6205386194)[2]If a restaurant chose me to be a sandwich I would be called the Bobby Wobby. It would be delicious.

I would have as a bread, a French baguette with hot seasoned shredded beef with steaming grilled shredded chicken. I would have hot sauce with Jalepenos topped off with cheese then put in the oven for a crispy baguette and melted cheese.

Personally I think this will win sandwich of the year if that existed at that restaurant.

Come back next time on Bobby Online.

Would you eat my sandwich? What would you change ?

Prehistoric Life ~ Part 1

DMSN_dinosaursIf I were a fly anywhere anytime I would want to go back to the ages where dinosaurs existed because I always wanted to know the truth about what they eat, how they live, where they live, what climate they live in.

I’ve always been fascinated about them. They are so interesting – how some survived, how they adapted to the climate change in the food chain.

I would follow one dinosaur for a whole day and sleep near it to see how it lives and then the next morning I would move on to the next dinosaur.

The dinosaurs that I really would want to live would be a Tyranausaurus-rex, Velociraptor, Pteridactuls, long necks. They are all very fascinating but what I would want to see most above all is baby dinosaurs. They’re so cute. I would like to know if they are able to walk, fly or swim., what the babies eat, if the babies are taught to defend themselves or if it is a natural instinct, if the mom chews the food and gives it to them, if the mom hides in a tree near her baby, if the male or the female hunts , if they eat their companions.

Would you like to see dinosaurs ? Where would you go ?

Animal Travels

001_Forest_Elephant,_Kerala_by_N_A_Nazeer bobbyIf I could travel anywhere in the world on an animal I would travel by whale to Australia and then travel on an elephant.

If you are wondering how I would climb the elephant, it`s that it would pick me up on its trunk and put me on its back. Them I will travel on the back of a rhino. Then I would climb the nck of a giraffe.

Then I would travel on a whale again to Asia. In Asia I`d travel in a jungle alongside a monkey in the trees.

Then I`d take my whale taxi all the way to Antarctica and travel on a mama polar bear with babies to the edge where there would be water and this time I`d travel by a shark all the way to Canada.

And I`d ride by horse and go to bed.

Would you do this ? Where would you go ?

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