Sandy Andy

A Sandy Andy is a toy from the 1980’s. It has a funnel at the top that you put sand in then there is a bucket that hits a lever which lets the sand out when the bucket gets enough sand it goes down and dumps the sand in a bowl then there is a weight that carry’s the bucket back up and then hits the lever and continues until there is no more sand left in the funnel.

In my spare time beside any electronics I enjoy playing some basketball, or play with my friends at the park, there is also swimming in my pool but I don’t like many sports the only ones I do like are basketball, swimming and skiing but that is basically it.

What do you like to do in your spare time ?


key-to-successSuccess is that feeling of joy you get when you do something right. Say when you win a game with your team. Or the rush of adrenaline you get when you do something exciting like parachuting. Its that feeling of success that brings you happiness. “Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom” ( George Patton ) You cant always have that feeling but when you get it you will love it.

My teachers always tell me if you want to succeed you must study a lot . But you must succeed in more then just school you must succeed in life, get a job, work hard, have friends but to do all this you must be kind,       you must be happy and most of all you must feel and be LOVED. Or else you will not be happy or kind and you wont get a job and most of all you will not have success. All because you are not loved.

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I Put My Widgets

Hi today I put in 2 widgets one of them is a world wide clock so you could find out what the time is in all the other country’s in the world and the other one is a map so that I could find out who is visiting my blog and from which countries.

Where Would I Take You

Montreal_La_Ronde_from_Cartier_bridge[1]Where would I take you?

First I would take you to a place called sos labyrinth it is this really cool place in the old port  In this Labyrinth you walk around through a maze which is very big and confusing you must find little Machines that are hidden throughout the Labyrinth  you have a paper and you must scan the paper inside the machine Once you’ve scanned your paper and every single machine you must find the exit and make Your way out of the building. Continue reading

My Invention The Cooler Wave

I have an idea of something that I could make I call it the wait for it the Cooler Wave. This will be a great invention what it would is sort of like a microwave the concept of a microwave is basicly you put food in it but it does not heat up with heat yet with micro waves these waves flow from these pannels made of meddle wich create these waves then the waves go in your food and heat it up but only food heats up in a microwave. But enough about microwaves onto the cooler wave. Continue reading

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